3323. yitshar
Concordancia Strong
yitshar: aceite, unción.
Palabra Original: יִצְהָר
Parte del Discurso: Sustantivo masculino
Transliteración: yitshar
Ortografía Fonética: (yits-hawr')
Definición: aceite, unción.
RVR 1909 Número de Palabras: aceite (22).
Strong's Concordance
yitshar: fresh oil
Original Word: יִצְהָר
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: yitshar
Phonetic Spelling: (yits-hawr')
Short Definition: oil
I. יִצְהָר noun [masculine] fresh oil (newly appeared, compare 'Ausbruch' LagBN 129ii. 1, 93; > Thes and others that which shines); — absolute ׳יִצ Hosea 2:10 +, suffix יִצְהָרֶ֑ךָ Deuteronomy 7:13 +; — fresh oil, as product of land, in un-manufactured state, usually + תִּירוֺשׁ, דָּגָן etc., rich possession, gift of, ׳י Hosea 2:10; Hosea 2:24; Jeremiah 31:12; Deuteronomy 7:13; Deuteronomy 11:14; Joel 2:19,24, so ׳חֵלֶב יִצ Numbers 18:12; Deuteronomy 28:51; Haggai 1:11; 2Chronicles 32:28; Nehemiah 5:11; tithed Deuteronomy 12:17; Deuteronomy 14:23; firstfruits for priest Deuteronomy 18:4; Nehemiah 10:38 compare Nehemiah 10:40; Nehemiah 13:5 (tithe for Levites), Nehemiah 13:12, for priest and Levite 2Chronicles 31:5; ׳זֵית יִצ 2 Kings 18:32 oil-olive, i.e. oil-yielding olive-trees, compare ׳יִצ alone Joel 1:10; ׳יִצ as anointing oil only in ׳בְּנֵי הַיִּצ Zechariah 4:14, i.e. anointed ones.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
anointed oil

From tsahar; oil (as producing light); figuratively, anointing -- + anointed oil.

see HEBREW tsahar

Forms and Transliterations
הַיִּצְהָ֑ר הַיִּצְהָ֔ר היצהר וְהַיִּצְהָ֑ר וְהַיִּצְהָ֔ר וְהַיִּצְהָ֖ר וְהַיִּצְהָר֒ וְיִצְהָ֑ר וְיִצְהָ֔ר וְיִצְהָ֗ר וְיִצְהָֽר׃ וְיִצְהָר֙ וְיִצְהָרֶ֔ךָ וְיִצְהָרֶ֗ךָ וְיִצְהָרֶֽךָ׃ והיצהר ויצהר ויצהר׃ ויצהרך ויצהרך׃ יִצְהָ֔ר יִצְהָֽר׃ יִצְהָר֙ יצהר יצהר׃ haiyitzHar hay·yiṣ·hār hayyiṣhār vehaiyitzHar veyitzHar veyitzhaRecha wə·hay·yiṣ·hār wə·yiṣ·hā·re·ḵā wə·yiṣ·hār wəhayyiṣhār wəyiṣhār wəyiṣhāreḵā yiṣ·hār yiṣhār yitzHar
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Strong's Hebrew 3323
23 Occurrences

hay·yiṣ·hār — 3 Occ.
wə·hay·yiṣ·hār — 6 Occ.
wə·yiṣ·hār — 5 Occ.
wə·yiṣ·hā·re·ḵā — 5 Occ.
yiṣ·hār — 4 Occ.

Numbers 18:12
HEB: כֹּ֚ל חֵ֣לֶב יִצְהָ֔ר וְכָל־ חֵ֖לֶב
NAS: the best of the fresh oil and all
KJV: All the best of the oil, and all the best
INT: All the best of the fresh and all the best

Deuteronomy 7:13
HEB: דְּגָ֨נְךָ֜ וְתִֽירֹשְׁךָ֣ וְיִצְהָרֶ֗ךָ שְׁגַר־ אֲלָפֶ֙יךָ֙
NAS: and your new wine and your oil, the increase
KJV: and thy wine, and thine oil, the increase
INT: your grain and your new and your oil the increase of your herd

Deuteronomy 11:14
HEB: דְגָנֶ֔ךָ וְתִֽירֹשְׁךָ֖ וְיִצְהָרֶֽךָ׃
NAS: and your new wine and your oil.
KJV: and thy wine, and thine oil.
INT: your grain and your new and your oil

Deuteronomy 12:17
HEB: דְּגָֽנְךָ֙ וְתִֽירֹשְׁךָ֣ וְיִצְהָרֶ֔ךָ וּבְכֹרֹ֥ת בְּקָרְךָ֖
NAS: or new wine or oil, or the firstborn
KJV: or of thy wine, or of thy oil, or the firstlings
INT: of your grain new oil the firstlings of your herd

Deuteronomy 14:23
HEB: דְּגָֽנְךָ֙ תִּֽירֹשְׁךָ֣ וְיִצְהָרֶ֔ךָ וּבְכֹרֹ֥ת בְּקָרְךָ֖
NAS: your new wine, your oil, and the firstborn
KJV: of thy wine, and of thine oil, and the firstlings
INT: of your grain your new your oil and the firstlings of your herd

Deuteronomy 18:4
HEB: דְּגָֽנְךָ֜ תִּֽירֹשְׁךָ֣ וְיִצְהָרֶ֗ךָ וְרֵאשִׁ֛ית גֵּ֥ז
NAS: your new wine, and your oil, and the first
KJV: of thy wine, and of thine oil, and the first
INT: of your grain your new and your oil fruits shearing

Deuteronomy 28:51
HEB: דָּגָן֙ תִּיר֣וֹשׁ וְיִצְהָ֔ר שְׁגַ֥ר אֲלָפֶ֖יךָ
NAS: new wine, or oil, nor
KJV: wine, or oil, [or] the increase
INT: grain new oil the increase of your herd

2 Kings 18:32
HEB: אֶ֣רֶץ זֵ֤ית יִצְהָר֙ וּדְבַ֔שׁ וִֽחְי֖וּ
KJV: a land of oil olive
INT: A land of olive of oil and honey you may live

2 Chronicles 31:5
HEB: דָּגָ֗ן תִּיר֤וֹשׁ וְיִצְהָר֙ וּדְבַ֔שׁ וְכֹ֖ל
NAS: new wine, oil, honey
KJV: wine, and oil, and honey,
INT: of grain new oil honey all

2 Chronicles 32:28
HEB: דָּגָ֖ן וְתִיר֣וֹשׁ וְיִצְהָ֑ר וְאֻֽרָוֹת֙ לְכָל־
NAS: of grain, wine and oil, pens for all
KJV: and wine, and oil; and stalls
INT: of grain wine and oil pens for all

Nehemiah 5:11
HEB: וְהַדָּגָן֙ הַתִּיר֣וֹשׁ וְהַיִּצְהָ֔ר אֲשֶׁ֥ר אַתֶּ֖ם
NAS: the new wine and the oil that you are exacting
KJV: the wine, and the oil, that ye exact
INT: the grain the new and the oil after you

Nehemiah 10:37
HEB: עֵ֜ץ תִּיר֣וֹשׁ וְיִצְהָ֗ר נָבִ֤יא לַכֹּהֲנִים֙
NAS: the new wine and the oil to the priests
KJV: of wine and of oil, unto the priests,
INT: tree the new and the oil bring to the priests

Nehemiah 10:39
HEB: הַדָּגָן֮ הַתִּיר֣וֹשׁ וְהַיִּצְהָר֒ וְשָׁם֙ כְּלֵ֣י
NAS: the new wine and the oil to the chambers;
KJV: of the new wine, and the oil, unto the chambers,
INT: of the grain the new and the oil there are the utensils

Nehemiah 13:5
HEB: הַדָּגָן֙ הַתִּיר֣וֹשׁ וְהַיִּצְהָ֔ר מִצְוַת֙ הַלְוִיִּ֔ם
NAS: wine and oil prescribed
KJV: the new wine, and the oil, which was commanded
INT: of grain wine and oil prescribed the Levites

Nehemiah 13:12
HEB: הַדָּגָ֛ן וְהַתִּיר֥וֹשׁ וְהַיִּצְהָ֖ר לָאוֹצָרֽוֹת׃
NAS: wine and oil into the storehouses.
KJV: and the new wine and the oil unto the treasuries.
INT: of the grain wine and oil the storehouses

Jeremiah 31:12
HEB: תִּירֹ֣שׁ וְעַל־ יִצְהָ֔ר וְעַל־ בְּנֵי־
NAS: and the new wine and the oil, And over
KJV: and for wine, and for oil, and for the young
INT: and the new and over and the oil and over the young

Hosea 2:8
HEB: הַדָּגָ֖ן וְהַתִּיר֣וֹשׁ וְהַיִּצְהָ֑ר וְכֶ֨סֶף הִרְבֵּ֥יתִי
NAS: the new wine and the oil, And lavished
KJV: and wine, and oil, and multiplied
INT: her the grain the new and the oil her silver and lavished

Hosea 2:22
HEB: הַתִּיר֣וֹשׁ וְאֶת־ הַיִּצְהָ֑ר וְהֵ֖ם יַעֲנ֥וּ
NAS: to the new wine and to the oil, And they will respond
KJV: and the wine, and the oil; and they shall hear
INT: to the grain to the new the oil and they will respond

Joel 1:10
HEB: תִּיר֖וֹשׁ אֻמְלַ֥ל יִצְהָֽר׃
NAS: dries up, Fresh oil fails.
KJV: is dried up, the oil languisheth.
INT: the new weak Fresh

Joel 2:19
HEB: הַדָּגָן֙ וְהַתִּיר֣וֹשׁ וְהַיִּצְהָ֔ר וּשְׂבַעְתֶּ֖ם אֹת֑וֹ
NAS: new wine and oil, And you will be satisfied
KJV: and wine, and oil, and ye shall be satisfied
INT: grain new and oil will be satisfied and I

Joel 2:24
HEB: הַיְקָבִ֖ים תִּיר֥וֹשׁ וְיִצְהָֽר׃
NAS: with the new wine and oil.
KJV: shall overflow with wine and oil.
INT: and the vats the new and oil

Haggai 1:11
HEB: הַתִּיר֣וֹשׁ וְעַל־ הַיִּצְהָ֔ר וְעַ֛ל אֲשֶׁ֥ר
NAS: on the new wine, on the oil, on what
KJV: and upon the new wine, and upon the oil, and upon [that] which the ground
INT: the new on the oil on what

Zechariah 4:14
HEB: שְׁנֵ֣י בְנֵֽי־ הַיִּצְהָ֑ר הָעֹמְדִ֖ים עַל־
KJV: he, These [are] the two anointed ones,
INT: are the two ones anointed are standing by

23 Occurrences

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