Ester 3:9
Si al rey le parece bien, decrétese que sean destruidos, y yo pagaré diez mil talentos de plata en manos de los que manejan los negocios del rey, para que los pongan en los tesoros del rey.
Tesoro de la Escritura

that they may be destroyed.

Génesis 23:16
Y oyó Abraham a Efrón; y Abraham pesó a Efrón la plata que éste había mencionado a oídos de los hijos de Het: cuatrocientos siclos de plata, medida comercial.

Here Haman is obliged to acknowledge that there would be a loss to the revenue, which he was willing to make up out of his own property. Ten thousand talents of silver, counted by the Babylonish talent, amount to

2,119,000?.; but reckoned by the Jewish talent, they amount to double that sum. In those days, silver and gold were more plentiful than at present; and we have many instances of individuals possessing almost incredible riches. Herodotus relates, that when Xerxes went into Greece, Pythius the Lydian had

2,000 talents of silver, and

4,000,000 of gold darics, which unitedly amount to nearly

5,500,000?. Plutarch tells us, that after Crassus had dedicated the tenth of all he had to Hercules, he entertained the Roman people at

10,000 tables, and distributed to every citizen as much corn as was sufficient for three months; and, after all these expenses, he had

7,100 Roman talents left, which amount to more than

1,500,000?. Lentulus the augur is said to have possessed no less than



8d. Apicius was worth more than



4d.; and, after having spent in his kitchen



8d. he considered the remainder too little for his support, and poisoned himself!

ten thousand.

Mateo 18:24
Y al comenzar a ajustar las, le fue presentado uno que le debía diez mil talentos.

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