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ṣal·mê — 5 Occurrences

Numbers 33:52
HEB: וְאֵ֨ת כָּל־ צַלְמֵ֤י מַסֵּֽכֹתָם֙ תְּאַבֵּ֔דוּ
KJV: all their molten images, and quite pluck down
INT: their figured all images their molten and destroy

1 Samuel 6:5
HEB: וַעֲשִׂיתֶם֩ צַלְמֵ֨י [עָפְלֵיכֶם כ]
NAS: So you shall make likenesses of your tumors
KJV: Wherefore ye shall make images of your emerods,
INT: shall make likenesses stronghold and likenesses

1 Samuel 6:11
HEB: הַזָּהָ֔ב וְאֵ֖ת צַלְמֵ֥י טְחֹרֵיהֶֽם׃
NAS: mice and the likenesses of their tumors.
KJV: of gold and the images of their emerods.
INT: mice the golden and the likenesses of their tumors

Ezekiel 16:17
HEB: וַתַּעֲשִׂי־ לָ֖ךְ צַלְמֵ֣י זָכָ֑ר וַתִּזְנִי־
NAS: for yourself male images that you might play the harlot
KJV: thee, and madest to thyself images of men,
INT: had given and made images male play

Ezekiel 23:14
HEB: עַל־ הַקִּ֔יר צַלְמֵ֣י [כַשְׂדִּיִּים כ]
NAS: on the wall, images of the Chaldeans
KJV: upon the wall, the images of the Chaldeans
INT: on the wall images Chaldeans portrayed

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