3126. mamónas
Concordancia Strong
mamónas: riquezas, Mammón, riqueza.
Palabra Original: μαμωνᾶς, ᾶ, ὁ
Parte del Discurso: Sustantivo, masculino
Transliteración: mamónas
Ortografía Fonética: (mam-mo-nas')
Definición: riquezas, Mammón, riqueza.
RVR 1909 Número de Palabras: riquezas (3), Mammón (1).
HELPS Word-studies
3126 mammōnás - un término semítico que significa "el tesoro en el que uno confía" (J. Thayer), transcrito como "mammon."

Strong's Concordance
mamónas: riches
Original Word: μαμωνᾶς, ᾶ, ὁ
Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
Transliteration: mamónas
Phonetic Spelling: (mam-mo-nas')
Short Definition: riches, money, possessions
Definition: (Aramaic), riches, money, possessions, property.
Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 3126: μαμωνᾶς

μαμωνᾶς (G L T Tr WH), incorrectly Μαμμωνᾶς (Rec. (in Matt.)), μαμωνᾷ (Buttmann, 20 (18); Winer's Grammar, § 8, 1), , mammon (Chaldean מָאמונָא, to be derived, apparently, from אָמַן; hence, what is trusted in (cf. Buxtof, Lex. chald. talmud. et rabbin. col. 1217f (especially Fischer edition, p. 613f); according to Gesenius (Thesaurus i., 552) contracted from מַטְמון, treasure (Genesis 43:23); cf. B. D., under the word; Edersheim, Jesus the Messiah, 2:269)), riches: Matthew 6:24 and Luke 16:13 (where it is personified and opposed to God; cf. Philippians 3:19); Luke 16:9, 11. (lucrum punice mammon dicitur, Augustine (de serm. Dom. in monte, 1. ii. c. xiv. (sec. 47)); the Sept. translated the Hebrew אֱמוּנָה in Isaiah 33:6 θησαυροί, and in Psalm 36:3 () πλοῦτος.)

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

Of Chaldee origin (confidence, i.e. Wealth, personified); mammonas, i.e. Avarice (deified) -- mammon.

Forms and Transliterations
μαμμωνά μαμωνα μαμωνά μαμωνᾷ μαμωνᾶ μαν μαναα μαναά mamona mamonâ mamōna mamōnâ mamonā̂i mamōnā̂i
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Greek 3126
4 Occurrences

μαμωνᾷ — 4 Occ.

Matthew 6:24 N-DNS
GRK: δουλεύειν καὶ μαμωνᾷ
NAS: serve God and wealth.
KJV: God and mammon.
INT: to serve and money

Luke 16:9 N-GMS
GRK: ἐκ τοῦ μαμωνᾶ τῆς ἀδικίας
NAS: by means of the wealth of unrighteousness,
KJV: of the mammon of unrighteousness;
INT: by the money of unrighteousness

Luke 16:11 N-DMS
GRK: τῷ ἀδίκῳ μαμωνᾷ πιστοὶ οὐκ
NAS: in the [use of] unrighteous wealth, who
KJV: the unrighteous mammon, who
INT: the unrighteous money faithful not

Luke 16:13 N-DMS
GRK: δουλεύειν καὶ μαμωνᾷ
NAS: serve God and wealth.
KJV: God and mammon.
INT: to serve and money

4 Occurrences

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