2667. chophesh
Concordancia Strong
chophesh: preciosos, algo propaga libremente, una alfombra.
Palabra Original: חֹ֫פֶשׁ
Parte del Discurso: Sustantivo masculino
Transliteración: chophesh
Ortografía Fonética: (kho'-fesh)
Definición: preciosos, algo propaga libremente, una alfombra.
RVR 1909 Número de Palabras: preciosos (1).
Strong's Concordance
chophesh: perhaps a spread
Original Word: חֹ֫פֶשׁ
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: chophesh
Phonetic Spelling: (kho'-fesh)
Short Definition: saddlecloths
חֹ֫פֶשׁ noun [masculine] very dubious; only בִּגְדֵיתֹֿ֫פֶשׁ לְרִכְבָּה Ezekiel 27:20 wide-spread (?) garments for riding, i.e. saddle-cloths, according to Thes Sm Co Da and others; but meaning spread for √ purely conjectural; Gr suggests, plausibly, חֵ֫פֶץ (q. v.)

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

From chaphash; something spread loosely, i.e. A carpet -- precious.

see HEBREW chaphash

Forms and Transliterations
חֹ֖פֶשׁ חפש Chofesh ḥō·p̄eš ḥōp̄eš
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Hebrew 2667
1 Occurrence

ḥō·p̄eš — 1 Occ.

Ezekiel 27:20
HEB: רֹֽכַלְתֵּ֔ךְ בְבִגְדֵי־ חֹ֖פֶשׁ לְרִכְבָּֽה׃
NAS: traded with you in saddlecloths for riding.
KJV: [was] thy merchant in precious clothes
INT: traded clothes precious riding

1 Occurrence

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