1082. balag
Concordancia Strong
balag: conforte, esforzaréme, esfuerzo, romper, suelto, desistir, invadir.
Palabra Original: בָּלַג
Parte del Discurso: verbo
Transliteración: balag
Ortografía Fonética: (baw-lag')
Definición: conforte, esforzaréme, esfuerzo, romper, suelto, desistir, invadir.
RVR 1909 Número de Palabras: conforte (1), esforzaréme (1), esfuerzo (1), fuerzas (1).
Strong's Concordance
balag: to gleam, smile
Original Word: בָּלַג
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: balag
Phonetic Spelling: (baw-lag')
Short Definition: cheerful
[בָּלַג] verb gleam, smile (Arabic ) — only

Hiph`il Imperfect1singular with וְ subordinate וְאַבְ֫לִיגָה Job 9:27 2t.; Participle מַבְלִיג Amos 5:9; —

1 shew a smile, look cheerful Psalm 39:14; Job 9:27; Job 10:20.

2 cause to burst or flash שֹׁד עלעָֿ֑ז ׳המב Amos 5:9 (compare Ew St).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
comfort, recover strengthen

A primitive root; to break off or loose (in a favorable or unfavorable sense), i.e. Desist (from grief) or invade (with destruction) -- comfort, (recover) strength(-en).

Forms and Transliterations
הַמַּבְלִ֥יג המבליג וְאַבְלִ֑יגָה וְאַבְלִ֥יגָה וְאַבְלִֽיגָה׃ ואבליגה ואבליגה׃ ham·maḇ·lîḡ hammaḇlîḡ hammavLig veavLigah wə’aḇlîḡāh wə·’aḇ·lî·ḡāh
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Englishman's Concordance
Strong's Hebrew 1082
4 Occurrences

ham·maḇ·lîḡ — 1 Occ.
wə·’aḇ·lî·ḡāh — 3 Occ.

Job 9:27
HEB: אֶעֶזְבָ֖ה פָנַ֣י וְאַבְלִֽיגָה׃
NAS: off my [sad] countenance and be cheerful,'
KJV: my heaviness, and comfort [myself]:
INT: will leave my countenance and comfort

Job 10:20
HEB: ק) מִ֝מֶּ֗נִּי וְאַבְלִ֥יגָה מְּעָֽט׃
NAS: Withdraw from me that I may have a little
KJV: [then, and] let me alone that I may take comfort a little,
INT: apply at may have A little

Psalm 39:13
HEB: הָשַׁ֣ע מִמֶּ֣נִּי וְאַבְלִ֑יגָה בְּטֶ֖רֶם אֵלֵ֣ךְ
NAS: Turn Your gaze away from me, that I may smile [again] Before
KJV: O spare me, that I may recover strength, before I go hence,
INT: Turn at may smile Before depart

Amos 5:9
HEB: הַמַּבְלִ֥יג שֹׁ֖ד עַל־
NAS: It is He who flashes forth [with] destruction
KJV: That strengtheneth the spoiled
INT: flashes destruction upon

4 Occurrences

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